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Emmanuel Kimera

Researcher, PhD, Academic staff


Emmanuel Kimera, Master of Public Health (MSc) and Bachelor of Science in Education (BSc), is currently a lecturer at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU), Uganda in  the Department of Public Health. He teaches occupational health, medical ethics, biological basis of public health, disasters and emergency management, culture as a determinant of health as well as sexual and reproductive health. Previously, he was a teacher  in secondary schools  in Uganda.  He therefore possesses experience and skills on school health programmes.

He has been involved in a number of school health services in secondary  schools  such  as psychosocial   services,  health  education  and sanitation.   Emmanuel also has research  experience   and skills, since  he has participated   in a  number  of research  programs  with the World Health  Organization,   Uganda  National  Expanded   Programme   on Immunization,   and  MMU.  He draws  on  a  range  of  quantitative  and qualitative research methods   common   in  the  public  health  discipline   and  on  the  medical approach  to HIV/AIDS  that  he has trained  in. Currently, Emmanuel is involved in research projects aimed at improving the quality of life of youth living with HIV in Ugandan school communities.


Laarbeeklaan 103
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Gebouw K
1090 Brussels